About Burchell Safaris


According to experience, I recommend the following for your Hunting Safari: 300 medium caliber rifles and a 3.75 H&H an all rounder. I prefer Federal bullets, 60 rounds should see you through your Safari.

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You’ll need a down jacket for early mornings and a windbreaker for evenings. Khaki coloured shirts and shorts, camo clothing, bush hat, soft soled boots, sunglasses, film and binoculars are recommended.


The best time for your safari, with Burchell Safaris, is between April and September (fall to spring), which is the dry season, ensuring enjoyable hunting. For those able to withstand the summer heat, we conduct safaris throughout the year.


Bird shooting attracts many international bird hunters to Africa from all over the world, mainly for two reasons: the great variety of game birds, and a diversity of other interesting activities from which to choose. Collectively these will provide for an unforgettable experience.